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Paving the Way….
Our Ethos

At Little Smarties Nursery we believe we are ‘Paving the Way’ for our ‘Little Smarties’ to progress in the best ways they can to maximise their potential. We are a family run Nursery which is where the heart of our ethos lies. It is essential that we not only allow our children to find their own paths but also for the families to enjoy and watch the transition through their early years. We determine that every child has their own individual path, and it is our role to guide them. Each path is unique, just like the child, and it excites us to be able to see them grow and venture down their path to develop and blossom. We do what we say and say what we do. For us it’s about people, families & children. We are also committed to being open and honest with each other – with parents, our team, the team with each other, thus, building trust and honesty within the nursery.

Our Aims

Foster Nurture Safe Engaging Experience Develop

  • To foster and nuture rich and dynamic learning environments where our children can explore and form the paths they wish to take.
  • To create a safe and engaging path for children to be inspired and feel comfortable to explore and make meaningful relationships.
  • To give every child the tools to experience rich meaningful relationships.
  • To develop a sense of self and interests
Our Vision

Our vision is to build on what the children know and how they can extend this further…venturing down their path to success!

By fostering and nurturing these children, creating safe and engaging environments and giving them experiences which will help with their development. We believe this to be the perfect combination to create a successful path for each and every child.

Not only do we have hopes and visions for our Nursery but we also offer

‘Smarties Breakfast, After School and Holiday Club’

for 4-11 year olds!

We drop off and pick up from a range of different schools around the area, offering breakfast and dinner, alongside a range of activities, opportunities to do homework and a quiet area for reading – a totally unique service!

Call 01277 841424 for a chat or come for a look round, you are always welcome!